About Crittercam: National Geographic’s Crittercam program helps us learn what wild animals do when we’re not around. Safely worn by wildlife, Crittercams capture video, sound, and other information — giving us rare views of the private lives of animals. By allowing us these animal’s-eye-views, Crittercams can help solve scientific mysteries. And what we learn from Crittercams can help us protect the very animals that wear them.
The Crittercam footage in this video was provided courtesy of National Geographic. National Geographic, the Yellow Border, and Crittercam are trademarks of the National Geographic Society.

Tree Kangaroo Crittercam


Watch as a tree kangaroo outfitted with a Crittercam walks across a branch high above the ground in the rainforest canopy. This type of tree kangaroo is found only in Papua New Guinea and is endangered due to overhunting and habitat loss.